Which places should not be set up gas fire extinguishing system?

According to the performance and characteristics of gas fire extinguishing system extinguishing agent, for sodium nitrate, nitrocellulose and other oxidizing agents or chemicals containing oxidizing agents fire places, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zirconium, titanium, uranium and other alkali metals, alkaline earth metals and other active metals fire places, potassium hydride, sodium hydride and other metal hydride fire places, combustible solids deep fire places, etc., should not be set up gas fire extinguishing system.
Because the hot aerosol fire extinguishing agent using multiple pyrotechnics, therefore, its nature is different from the traditional sense of gas fire extinguishing agent. Especially in the choice of fire extinguishing agent formula, because the production units vary greatly, if the manufacturing process or formula selection is not reasonable, etc. may cause serious product quality accidents. China has had a number of serious accidents such as fire due to misuse of hot aerosol products, storage device explosion, damage to electrical equipment after spraying. Therefore, for densely populated places, places with explosive hazards and places with super-clean requirements, hot aerosol prefabricated fire extinguishing system shall not be used; for places such as communication rooms, electronic computer rooms, electrical fires other than cable tunnels (mezzanine, well) and self-provided generator rooms, K-type and other types of hot aerosol prefabricated fire extinguishing systems shall not be used.