What does a substandard fire extinguisher look like?

At first, any fire is a small fire, in the case of a home fire, it usually takes 3-5 minutes from the initially small fire to form a large fire, when a single spark ignites, qualified simple fire extinguishing equipment can put out the fire in time. A dry powder fire extinguisher is a highly efficient, applicable, and widely used fire extinguisher, next we will look at what is not a qualified fire extinguisher.

1, loaded with the wrong powder, less add powder without effect

In order to reduce costs, some fire extinguisher repair and filling companies will use the lower price of BC dry powder instead of ABC dry powder for filling, for Class A solid fire, the role of this fire extinguisher is very limited, in addition, the fire extinguisher filling amount is not enough will also reduce the fire extinguishing time of the fire extinguisher, affecting the fire extinguishing effect of the fire extinguisher.

2, counterfeit and shoddy agents difficult to extinguish

In order to pursue huge economic benefits, some fire extinguisher companies use cheap and inferior materials when dealing with fire extinguishing agents, and unauthorized use of inferior materials to change the formulation of fire extinguishing agents. In addition to counterfeit and shoddy extinguishing agents, but also seriously affect the effectiveness of dry powder fire extinguishers, due to the mix of other chemicals, there may be other risks.

3, too much pressure is dangerous

Too low pressure is naturally unacceptable, too high pressure in the barrel may damage the fire extinguisher barrel, and in serious cases may cause an explosion. The yellow area of the pressure gauge is usually the filling pressure that the manufacturer may use during the production or maintenance of the fire extinguisher. For factory sales and use of qualified fire extinguishers, the pressure indication should be located in the green area to ensure adequate injection pressure, yet not bring additional risk due to overpressure.

  1. Short life of defective cartridges

In most cases, manufacturers lose control when seeking to reduce costs by using methods with smaller standard deviations in cylindrical steel plate thickness, and a few unscrupulous companies even charge directly for counterfeit goods, using thin goods instead of thick ones. This will not only affect the normal fire extinguishing function of the fire extinguisher, but also greatly shorten its service life, and there may be damage, explosion and other hidden dangers.

5, spraying abnormal into a waste can

When the fire extinguisher only spraying air and not powder, it becomes a waste tank directly, the common reason is the internal siphon tube off, the reason is the quality of the siphon tube assembly threads, the foreign matter in the fire extinguishing agent will block the siphon tube, affecting the normal spraying. This is mainly because when the dry powder is filled, workers will use a knife to open the dry powder bag, scratched off the woven bag of broken plastic threads easily involved in the dry powder, filling into the fire extinguisher to produce blockage, resulting in the inability to spray powder properly.

6、The risk of overdue service is high

The service life of fire extinguishers has a certain number of years, for dry powder fire extinguishers, need to be delivered five years after the inspection and repair, and sent to professional technical service agencies, after the first repair, need to check and repair every two years, dry powder fire extinguishers factory ten years on the end of life!

Discarded fire extinguishers should be recycled to the manufacturer or fire products routine inspection and maintenance of the place for centralized processing, if not handled properly, it is easy to cause an explosion.

The above mainly describes what kind of fire extinguisher is not qualified, I hope it will be helpful to you.