What do you know about filling fire extinguishers?

The maintenance and refilling of fire extinguishers should be carried out by professional units licensed for maintenance. After the fire extinguisher is opened, it needs to be refilled, and after each use, it needs to be sent to a maintenance unit for inspection, replacement of damaged parts, and refilling of the extinguishing agent and driving gas.

When the fire extinguisher has been used or not used since the factory year and reached the specified time, it needs to be sent to the maintenance unit for water pressure test and inspection, the fire extinguisher will be installed in the home or public places, mainly to prevent accidental demand, the fire extinguisher can be filled after use?

After using the fire extinguisher, you can go to the fire equipment store, fire extinguisher repair shop, or fire extinguisher store to fill, but because the repair manufacturers in various areas need the fire department records, individuals are difficult to distinguish, so you can also fill through the fire equipment store agent.

In general, the fire extinguisher is used up, can be filled, it is recommended that the fire extinguisher store or fire equipment sales department fill the fire extinguisher, these are the units that can provide the service. Once the fire extinguisher at home is found to be used up, it needs to be filled in a timely manner, in case of a fire will be useful, so according to the production technical standards and nameplate information of the fire extinguisher products, in accordance with the operational requirements specified by the manufacturer, replenish the extinguishing agent and drive gas, and conduct a gas-tightness test after filling. When replenishing the extinguishing agent, the prototype number of the extinguishing agent shall not be changed, and the remaining extinguishing agent in the extinguisher used for maintenance shall not be recycled.

Refilling of fire extinguishers should be carried out in accordance with the following requirements.

(1) used to refill the fire extinguishing agent should be the same as the original manufacturer to provide and recommended fire extinguishing agent product type and specifications, in the filling of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, heating is not allowed, and carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent can not be filled from the storage tank into the fire extinguisher through the driving force of pressurized water.

(2) ABC dry powder and BC dry powder filling equipment are installed separately, filling position is completely separate, different types of dry powder shall not be mixed or contaminated with each other; fillable storage pressure type fire extinguisher should be filled in accordance with the filling pressure requirements specified on the fire extinguisher nameplate. When filling, do not use the extinguisher pressure indicator as a measuring instrument and adjust the charging pressure according to the change of ambient temperature; storage pressure dry powder extinguishers and clean gas extinguishers can use industrial nitrogen with a dew point below -55℃, carbon dioxide with purity greater than or equal to 99.5% and compressed air without moisture as the driving gas.