What are the suitable places for high and medium multiplier foam fire extinguishing system?

The places where high and medium multiplier foam fire extinguishing system is suitable

(1) Electrical equipment materials, cotton, rubber, textiles, tobacco and paper, steam, aircraft and other solid materials warehouses, etc.

(2) Storage of petroleum, benzene and other flammable liquid warehouses.

(3) petrochemical production workshop, aircraft engine test workshop, cable mezzanine, pot room, oil pump room and oil terminal and other industrial plants (or workshops) with fire hazards.

(4) underground bus depots, underground warehouses, underground railways, human defense tunnels, coal mines, underground shopping malls, cable trenches and underground hydraulic oil pumping stations and other underground construction projects.

(5) Computer rooms, large postal buildings, library archives, valuable instruments and equipment warehouses valuable instruments and items.

(6) Various ships’ engine room, pump room and other premises. Car

(7) combustible liquids and liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas flowing fire.

(8) Medium multiplier foam can be used for fires in vertical steel storage tanks.