What are the application characteristics of dry powder fire extinguishing system and what are the applicable places?

Application characteristics.

Dry powder fire extinguishing system is mainly used to put out flammable gas, flammable liquid and electrical equipment fires, and its application characteristics are as follows.

  • dry powder can be transported over long distances, equipment can be far from the fire area; no water, especially for water shortage areas, cold season use without freezing.
  • Short fire extinguishing time and high efficiency, especially for oil and petroleum products.
  • Insulation performance is good, can put out the fire with electric equipment.
  • The power of injection is carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas with considerable pressure, so it is not limited by power supply.
  • dry powder does not have cooling effect, easy to re-ignition; can not put out the chemical fire itself can supply oxygen; can not put out the fire of deep negative combustion material.

Applicable places.

Fixed dry powder fire extinguishing system is divided into two types of fully submerged fire extinguishing system and local application fire extinguishing system. Fully submerged fire extinguishing system is mainly used in the basement, ship’s hold, paint warehouse, transformer room, oil warehouse and car storage and other confined or confinable buildings; local application system is mainly used in the building space is very large, not easy to form the whole building catastrophe, and only individual equipment prone to fire, or some open-air devices prone to fire places. These places can’t and don’t need to set up full flooding fire extinguishing system, can set up local application type automatic fire extinguishing system for a part that is easy to fire.