What are the applicable places of heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing system?

The depletion potential of heptafluoropropane to the ozone layer ODP=0, greenhouse effect potential GWP=0.6, non-toxic reaction content NOAEL=9%, atmospheric retention life ALT=31 years, fire extinguishing design basic content C=8%, with good cleanliness, gas phase electrical insulation and physical properties, is a better alternative to halon.
Suitable places for heptafluoropropane gas fire suppression system include: areas where people are resident, places where valuable equipment and important information files are stored, places where non-conductive extinguishing agents must be used to protect electrical equipment, places where water damage or other contamination cannot be caused, etc. Typical protection facilities for the system include: electronic computer rooms, communication facilities, data processing and storage centers, telecommunication telephone exchange rooms, clean rooms, programming rooms, emergency power supply facilities, museums and art galleries, libraries, expensive medical facilities, etc.