Operation process of carbon dioxide filling equipment

As the accumulated amount of filling scale increases, the dose in the source cylinder decreases accordingly. At a constant temperature, the pressure of the source cylinder also decreases and the filling speed becomes slower and slower. In order to improve the efficiency, when the filling speed is slow, the second supplemental filling is available to fill and the weight of the filled extinguishing agent no longer increases, or when the air source pressure and the filling pressure reach equilibrium, please close the valve with low inlet pressure and open another valve with high air source pressure to replenish the weight of the extinguisher. When the weight is filled to the desired weight, the control system will automatically shut off and finish filling.

To save energy each time filling, first, open the valve with low pressure, fill part of it, then close it, and then open the valve with high pressure to continue filling. Repeat filling several times in this way, filling the cylinder with low pressure until it cannot be filled. Equipment maintenance and protection carbon dioxide fire extinguisher filling machine with automatic program control system, precision electronic scale measuring system, and low-temperature condensing system, the operator needs to be strictly trained and have a high sense of responsibility. The equipment needs to be in good condition working in high-quality condition, the repair and maintenance of the equipment are especially important for using carbon dioxide filling. After powering off the equipment, the remaining air in the refrigerator and the console needs to be removed and this can be done by pressing the “spot fill” button.