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ISO 5kg 6kg CO2 Portable Fire Extinguisher China Factory

  • Type: CO2 fire extinguisher
  • Suitable Against Class A, Class B
  • Working Pressure: 150 Bar, 168 Bar
  • Test Pressure: 225 Bar, 250 Bar
  • Cylinder Material: CK45
  • Valve: 25E
  • Temperature Range (℃): -30~+60℃
  • All Fire Extinguishers are Tested no Leakage
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Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent is a fire extinguishing agent with more than 100 years of history, inexpensive, easy to obtain, easy to prepare, which mainly relies on the role of asphyxiation and part of the cooling effect of fire. Carbon dioxide has a high density, about 1.5 times that of air.

Under normal pressure, liquid carbon dioxide will immediately vaporize, generally, 1kg of liquid carbon dioxide can produce about 0.5 cubic meters of gas. Therefore, when fighting the fire, carbon dioxide gas can be excluded from the air and surrounded by the surface of the burning object or distributed in a more confined space, reducing the concentration of oxygen around the combustible material or in the protective space, resulting in asphyxiation and fire extinguishing. In addition, when carbon dioxide is ejected from the storage container, it will quickly vaporize from liquid to gas, and absorb some heat from the surrounding area to play a cooling role.

Features and Advantages:


  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) extinguishers are for class B and C fires. They don’t work very well on class A fires because the material usually reignites.
  • CO2 extinguishers have an advantage over dry chemicals in that they leave behind no harmful residue. That makes carbon dioxide a good choice for an electrical fire involving a computer or other delicate instrument. Note that CO2 is a bad choice for flammable metal fires such as Grignard reagents, alkyl lithium, and sodium metal because CO2 reacts with these materials. CO2 extinguishers are not approved for class D fires!
  • Carbon dioxide extinguishers do not have pressure gauges because carbon dioxide is a condensable gas. Thus, pressure does not tell you how much agent remains in the cylinder. Instead, the extinguisher should have a tare (empty) weight stamped on it. To determine the amount of carbon dioxide remaining in the extinguisher, subtract the tare weight from the current weight.



It has excellent properties such as good fluidity, high injection rate, non-corrosive container, and not easy to deteriorate, etc. It is used to extinguish the incipient fires of books, archives, valuable equipment, precision instruments, electrical equipment below 600 volts, and oil. Suitable for extinguishing Class B fires, (such as kerosene, diesel, crude oil, methanol, ethanol, asphalt, paraffin, etc.) Suitable for fighting Class C fires (such as gas, natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, hydrogen, etc. fires.) Fighting Class E fires (fires where objects are burning with electricity)




Capacity 2KG 2KG 2KG 3KG 3KG 3KG 5KG 5KG 6KG 7KG 10KG 10KG 20KG 20KG 25KG 25KG 50KG 50KG
Material CK45 34CrMo4 34CrMo4 CK45 CK45 34CrMo4 CK45 34CrMo4 CK45 CK45 CK45 34CrMo4 CK45 34CrMo4 CK45 34CrMo4 CK45 34CrMo4
Volumen 3L 3L 2,67L 4,5L 4,5L 4,5L 7,5L 7,5L 9L 10,5L 12,2L 12,2L 33,4L 33,4L 41,7L 41,7L 83,4L 83,4L
OUT-Diameter 114mm 104mm 105mm 114mm 133mm 104mm 152mm 152mm 152mm 152mm 152mm 152mm 219mm 219mm 219mm 219mm 219mm 219mm
CYLINDER LENGTH 420mm 465mm 430mm 600mm 450mm 660mm 570mm 555mm 650mm 750mm 1070mm 1070mm 1160mm 1160mm 1330mm 1330mm 1330mm 1330mm
CYLINDER WEIGHT 5,1KG 2,83KG 3,31KG 6,8KG 7,2KG 4,29KG 11,5KG 11KG 13KG 14KG 20KG 20KG 36KG 36KG 70KG 70KG 112KG 112KG
FULL WEIGHT 7,55Kg 5,45KG 5,69KG 10,45KG 10,85KG 7,94KG 16,65KG 16,65KG 18,65KG 21,65KG 46KG 46KG 100KG 100KG 110KG 110KG 117KG 117KG
WORKING PRESSURE 168Bar 168Bar 216Bar 168Bar 168Bar 168Bar 168Bar 168Bar 168Bar 168Bar 150Bar 150Bar 150Bar 150Bar 150Bar 150Bar 150Bar 150Bar
TEST PRESSURE 250Bar 250Bar 315Bar 250Bar 250Bar 250Bar 250Bar 250Bar 250Bar 250Bar 225Bar 225Bar 225Bar 225Bar 225Bar 225Bar 225Bar 225Bar
MIN WALL-THICKNESS 4mm 2mm 2,6mm 4mm 4,5mm 2mm 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃ -30~+60℃
PACKING SIZE(CM) 28,5*12*53 25,5*25,5*47,5 25,5*25,5*44 28,5*12*71,5 28,5*14*56 22,5*22,5*67 22*16*69 17*17*69 22*16*76 23*16,5*86 35*33*111 35*33*110 35*33*110 35*33*110 35*33*110 35*33*110 35*33*110 35*33*110
FIRE RATING 34B 34B 34B 34B 34B 34B 89B 89B 89B 89B 183B 183B 233B 233B 183B 183B 233B 233B

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