How to use the powder fire extinguisher?

The scope of application and use of dry powder fire extinguishers are as follows.

Sodium hydroxide dry powder fire extinguishers are suitable for flammable, combustible liquids, as well as gases and electrically powered equipment of the initial fire; ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguishers can be used in addition to the above types of fire, but also to put out the initial fire of solid substances, but can not put out metal combustion fire.

When fighting fires, you can carry or shoulder fire extinguishers quickly run to the fire, in about 5m from the burning place, put down the fire extinguisher. If in the outdoor, should choose to spray in the upwind direction. The use of dry powder fire extinguishers if the external storage pressure, the operator should hold the gun with one hand, the other hand to lift the storage cylinder on the open ring. If the storage cylinder is open hand-wheel type, then turn counterclockwise, and rotate to the highest position, then lift the fire extinguisher. When the dry powder is sprayed out, quickly aim at the root of the flame and sweep. If the dry powder fire extinguisher used is built-in storage cylinder or storage pressure type, the operator should first pull off the safety pin on the opening handle, then hold the front section of the spray hose spray nozzle, the other hand will open the pressure handle down, open the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. When using a fire extinguisher with an injection hose or a storage type fire extinguisher, one hand should always press down the pressure handle and not release it, otherwise the spraying will be interrupted.