How to configure the fire extinguisher?

(1) construction sites with fire hazards are required to configure fire extinguishers, and arranged in a conspicuous position, easy to access.

(2) construction site fire extinguisher configuration should comply with the following provisions.

① site equipped with fire extinguishers should be matched with the type of fire that may occur.

② fire extinguisher minimum configuration standards should be in line with the requirements of Table 1-7.



Table 1-7 fire extinguishers minimum configuration standards are as follows.

Item Solid material fires Liquid or meltable solid substance

Fire, gas fire

Minimum fire extinguishing level of single fire extinguisher Maximum protection area of unit fire extinguishing level/(m2/A) Minimum fire extinguishing level of single fire extinguisher Maximum protection area of unit fire extinguishing level/(m2/B)
Flammable and explosive hazardous materials storage and use sites 3A








Temporary fire workplace 2A 50 55B 0.5
Combustible materials storage, processing and use of premises 2A 75 55B


Kitchen operation room, boiler room 2A 75 55B


Self-supplied generator room 2A 75 55B 1.0
Transformation and distribution rooms 2A 75 55B 1.0
Office rooms, dormitories 1A 100

Note: The minimum fire extinguishing level is composed of numbers and letters. The number represents the level of fire extinguishing ability. The higher the number, the higher the fire fighting ability. The letter represents the type suitable for fire fighting.

③The number of fire extinguishers should be calculated and determined in accordance with the “Code for Design of Fire Extinguishers for Buildings (GB501402005), and the number of fire extinguishers in each location should not be less than two.

④ The maximum protection distance of the fire extinguisher should meet the requirements of Table 1-8.

Table 1-8 Maximum protection distance of fire extinguishers       Unit: m

Fire extinguisher configuration place Solid matter fire Liquid or meltable solid

Material fire, gas fire

Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods storage and use places 15 9
Temporary Hot Work Site 10 6
Places for storing, processing and using combustible materials 20 12
Kitchen operation room, boiler room 20 12
Transformer room 20 12
Office rooms, dormitories, etc. 25

Note: The fire extinguisher protection distance refers to the walking distance from any fire point in the fire extinguisher configuration site to the nearest fire extinguisher set point