How can I judge the quality of fire extinguishers?

In public places, especially businesses, fire extinguishers are essential equipment that can put out fires well. However, because fire extinguishers are not usually used, most people do not care whether they will fail or whether their quality is qualified, because this type of equipment can play an important role in critical times, but usually just as an insurance measure, it is easy to be ignored, the inspection of fire extinguishers involves safety and needs to be checked regularly, you know how to see the quality of the fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguisher: the bottle comes with two anti-counterfeit “ID card”

1, pay attention to the trademark

The trademark on the bottle of portable dry powder fire extinguisher should be correct, no edge or text, no obvious wrinkles, bubbles, and other defects, fill in the type of extinguishing agent and driving gas, filling pressure, total mass, fire rating, operation methods, precautions, manufacturer’s name, and production date. There should be a warning text stating that “once the fire extinguisher is opened, it cannot be reused or refilled”, if the content is incomplete, it is usually unqualified.

2, pay attention to the cylinder body

The external surface of the fire extinguisher bottle should be uniform in color, with no cracks, bubbles, obvious scratches, knocks, explosions, corrosion, leaks, and other defects, otherwise unqualified products, the bottom ring or neck ring of qualified fire extinguishers should have the water pressure value of the fire extinguisher and the year of manufacture of the steel seal, the number on the fire extinguisher bottle should match the number on the issued inspection certificate, the state inspection department to provide the fire extinguisher and the seller consistent.

3, pay attention to the pressure

The pressure gauge of the fire extinguisher is divided into three areas: red, yellow, and green, if the pressure indicator does not reach the green area, it indicates that it is a substandard product, the type of pressure indicator should be consistent with the type of fire extinguisher, filling volume greater than 3 kg of fire extinguishers should be equipped with spray hoses; fire extinguishers should be equipped with safety pins, safety pins of the lead seal (plastic tape and wire seal) should be intact, otherwise, it will be a substandard product.

4、Pay attention to the information

Conventional fire extinguishers generally have two kinds of stickers, one is a red and black coating, one is black and white paper, these two are the fire extinguisher “ID card”, a red and black coating is the “ID card” and “original”, is the fire extinguisher carried for life; white paper is the fire extinguisher. The red and black coating is the “ID” and the “original”, which is carried by the fire extinguisher for life; the white paper is a copy, which is the backup of the “ID”, and only the plastic film on the surface of the “ID” can be torn off and cannot be transferred to other fire extinguishers.

In view of the special nature of the product, although the fire extinguisher in the work of any damage, and almost no quality problems, pay attention to the production date is very important if the fire extinguisher is out of date, it is equivalent to failure, and even have a negative impact, so be sure to pay attention to the fire extinguisher production date check.