Fire extinguisher repair parts replacement considerations 

Fire extinguisher parts inspection, replacement of fire extinguisher seals and damaged parts, but not to change the fire extinguisher barrel and the main body of the head, all parts that need to be replaced should be the same type and specification of the product provided and recommended by the original manufacturer, and should be replaced and repaired in accordance with the following requirements spare parts.

(1) the cylinder body qualified by the hydraulic test, the nameplate is intact, there is a partial loss of paint. Make up the paint, make up the paint to ensure that the paint film is smooth, flat, consistent color, no bubbles, flow marks, wrinkles, and other shortcomings, the paint shall not cover the nameplate.

(2) Replace deformed, discolored, aging, or broken rubber and plastic parts; replace sealing parts such as sealing pieces and gaskets to ensure compliance with sealing requirements.

(3) replace the pressure indicator with the outer surface deformation, damage, and other shortcomings, pressure value display is not normal, the value of the error does not meet the provisions of the pressure indicator. And ensure that the replacement of the pressure indicator and the original pressure indicator type, working pressure at 20 ℃, three-color area of the same range of values.

(4) replace the nozzle and spray hose with deformation, cracking, damage, and other shortcomings. And ensure that the dust cover in the fire extinguishing agent sprayed when it can fall off by itself or broken.

(5) replace the metal parts of the fire extinguisher with serious damage, deformation, corrosion, and other shortcomings, replace the storage cylinder fire extinguisher thimble with obvious shortcomings.

(6) replace the fire extinguisher siphon tube with bending, blockage, damage and cracks and other shortcomings, storage cylinder fire extinguishers out of the pipe.

(7) replace the hydrostatic test mark failed and long mark does not meet the provisions of the storage cylinder and scrap the original storage cylinder. Does not meet the requirements of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and storage cylinders overpressure protection device should be replaced.

(8) replace the damaged water-based, foam-type fire extinguishers filter.

(9) replacement of damaged cart-type fire extinguishers wheel and frame components of the fixed unit, the fixed device of the spray hose.

(10) Replace the special accessories specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle fire extinguisher.