EN3 DCP Fire Extinguisher
  • EN3 DCP Fire Extinguisher
  • Portable ABC Powder Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher
  • 2kg portable ABC powder multi purpose fire extinguisher 1
  • 2kg portable ABC powder multi purpose fire extinguisher 1

EN3 DCP MAP Dry Chemical Powder Portable Fire Extinguisher China manufacturer

  • Type: Certificated ABC Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher
  • Suitable against class A, class B, class C, and live electrical fires
  • Agent: 30% ABC Chemical Powder
  • Working Pressure:14 Bar
  • Test Pressure:25Bar
  • cylinder Material:DC01
  • Propellant: Nitrogen gas
  • Valve:M30 X 1.5 Valve
  • Temperature Range(℃):-30℃~+60℃
  • All Fire Extinguishers are Tested no Leakage.
  • Certificate: CE/EN3/MED/Kitemark/BSI /NF/UL
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En3 certificate dry powder fire extinguisher1kg~50KG

CE EN3 standard ABC powder fire extinguisher is EN3 approved multipurpose dry chemical powder fire extinguisher ABC fires. This type of extinguisher is high quality with CE/PED certified cylinder and pressure relief valve. The gauge complies with EN3-7 standard and the chemical powder is EN615 approved. Which is widely used in the European market. Portable type with good performance for class A, B, C & electrical fire in an industrial, commercial, and domestic environment.


  • Designed and approved to EN3.
  • Lightweight, easy operation.
  • Screen printing label can be customized.
  • Filled with EN615 approved chemical powder for heavy fire knockdown.
  • CE/PED certified valve with a safety device. CE/PED certified cylinder. The minimum Burst pressure is over 90Bar.
  • Each cylinder passes the hydrostatic test at 27bar for 30 seconds in the workshop. Each fire extinguisher passes the water leakage test before leaving the factory.
  • Complete with heavy-duty metal brackets ( 1, 2kg models with vehicle brackets).
  • Portable dry powder fire extinguisher is multisuitable for class A, B, C & electrical fire.
  • Good performance at both high and low temperatures.


Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are effective on Class A (carbonaceous) fire, Class B (flammable liquid) fire, and Class C (flammable gas) fire. It is also suitable for use on live electrical fires. It is recommended for use in refineries, airports, vessels, chemical plants, offshore platforms, garages, warehouses, farms, and heavy manufacturing areas.


Capacity 1kg 2kg 3kg 6kg 9kg 12kg
Out-Diamter(mm) 90 110 130 150 180 180
Cylinder Height(mm) 240 300 330 480 490 630
Volume(L) 1.25 2.5 3.6 7 10.6 14.6
Weight of empty cylinder 0.62 1 1.57 2.63 3.18 4.21
Full Weight(kg) 1.7 3.3 4.9 9 12.7 16.6
Temperature Range() -30~+60 -30~+60 -30~+60 -30~+60 -30~+60 -30~+60
Max working pressure(bar) 14BAR 14BAR 14BAR 14BAR 14BAR 14BAR
Test Pressure(bar) 25BAR 25BAR 25BAR 25BAR 25BAR 25BAR
Min Wall-thickness(mm) 0.8 1.07 1.13 1.2 1.3 1.3
Material DC01 DC01 DC01 DC01 DC01 DC01
Fire Rate 5A21B 8A34B 13A55B 21A113B 34A183B 34A183B
Packing Size(mm) 49X20.5X33/10pcs 24.5X24.5X40/4pcs 28.5X15X43/2pcs 32.5X15X58/2pcs 19X19X59/1pcs 19X19X72/1pcs
Rangm) 3 3 4 5 5 5
Dischager Time(s) 9 12 12 15 15 18
Powder component ABC 30%
Valid period 5 years

abc dry chemical fire extinguisher ul
fire extinguisher en3

ABC powder fire extinguisher
Different bottom

Package: custom-make size cartons for all types of fire extinguishers.

Type package Carton size Carton weight
1kg Fire Extinguisher 10pcs/carton 48*26*36cm 23kg
2k Fire Extinguisher 6pcs/carton 37*27*41cm 23kg
4kg Fire Extinguisher 1pcs/carton 14*14*50cm 6.5kg
6kg Fire Extinguisher 1pcs/carton 17*17*54cm 9.9kg
9g Fire Extinguisher 1pcs/carton 20*19*61cm 14kg
12kg Fire Extinguisher 1pcs/carton 20*20*65cm 16.5kg
25kg Fire Extinguisher 1pcs/carton 36*34*96cm 45.5kg
50kg Fire Extinguisher 1pcs/carton 42*37*117cm 79.5kg

Packaging Details:

Each carton has one fire extinguisher or more fire extinguishers. According to the size of the product, we will make the packing carton in advance. You can also provide a LOGO to print on your carton.

Packaging Details The normal packing is a wooden pallet, the size is 1500x1500x4500mm. All pallets are plywood non-fumigation pallets. After packing, we will wrap the cartons with PE film to avoid dampness. If there is any special packing, please let us know in advance.

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