Do you understand the new green water-based fire extinguishers?

Water-based fire extinguishers are newly developed environmentally friendly, new fire extinguishing products, the water-based extinguishing agent used has a dual function of cooling and chemical resistance, and can extinguish common solid material fires (Class A fire) and combustible liquid fires (Class B fire), the mechanism is physical fire extinguishing.

The agent will form and extend a film of water on the surface of combustible materials, which can isolate combustible materials from the air and reduce the concentration of oxygen in the burning area. At the same time, the spray water column can spread the fire and reduce the temperature of the fire, thus achieving fire extinguishing. Water-based fire extinguishing agent with high efficiency, fire extinguishing a wide range, strong resistance to re-ignition, no pollution characteristics, is currently the ideal high-tech fire extinguishing products.

  1. Product characteristics

Green environmental protection, 80% biodegradable after extinguishing the fire, will not cause pollution to the surrounding equipment and space; flame retardant, strong resistance to re-ignition; fast extinguishing speed, strong penetration.

  1. It belongs to the physical fire extinguishing mechanism, the agent can form and expand a thin water film on the surface of combustible materials to isolate combustible materials from the air and achieve fire extinguishing. Through the atomization nozzle spray fine water mist, spread the fire and evaporate heat, and quickly reduce the temperature of the fire. At the same time reduce the concentration of oxygen in the air of the burning area to prevent re-ignition, good anti-combustion is the advantage of dry powder fire extinguishers can not be compared.

III. Caution

1.This product is used to extinguish the fire of electrical equipment, the extinguishing distance is not less than 1 M. After extinguishing the fire, you need to remove the power supply, and then clean up the scene. When using, please do not put it upside down or flat. 2. This product should be stored in a dry place to prevent sun, rain, and high temperature. 3. If the pressure indicator pointer is found to be below the green area during the regular inspection, it should be refilled. 4. After the fire extinguisher is opened, it needs to be refilled. 5. Refilling needs to be sent to the maintenance department, and the bottle and nozzle should be tested with water pressure first, and only after passing the test can be used.

  1. How to maintain the product?
  2. The product should be replaced once every three years of use of the agent. Fire extinguishers are mainly suitable for deployment in places with combustible solid material fire hazards (Class A fire), such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, schools, tourism, entertainment venues and textile, rubber, plastic, paper products, coal mines, and other places; also suitable for deployment in cars, boats, airports, stations, docks, gas stations and other places with combustible liquid fire hazards (Class B fire).
  3. Fire extinguisher features.

(1) clean and environmentally friendly: because of the use of clean water and the addition of environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent, so the fire is odorless, no dust and other residues, it will not cause secondary pollution of the environment, and will not damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

(2) easy to use: the water mist sprayed during the fire extinguishing process has high visibility, which can reduce the smoke content and toxicity of the fire scene, which is conducive to evacuating people and firefighters to extinguish the fire, and everyone can use it.

(3) very reliable: the water mist sprayed by the water mist extinguisher fine, with good electrical insulation properties, up to 36kV, can ensure that the fire extinguisher users can extinguish electrical equipment fires or extinguish potential electrical fires.