Do you know these contents about car fire extinguisher?

A. the type of car fire extinguisher

At present, portable fire extinguishers are mainly used to put out fires caused by cars, there are several types of car fire extinguishers on the market: dry powder fire extinguishers, ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, and water-based fire extinguishers.

1、Dry powder fire extinguisher

Its mechanism is chemical control, blocking the chain reaction of combustion, advanced fire extinguishing, fully functional, rapid-fire extinguishing, electrical insulation, low-temperature performance, especially suitable for factories, warehouses, outdoor environment, its disadvantage is that the dry powder extinguishing agent is not resistant to re-ignition, the user needs to receive special technical training.

2、Superfine dry powder fire extinguisher

Its mechanism of action is the same as the ordinary dry powder fire extinguisher, with the advantages of dry powder fire extinguishers, while good moisture resistance, fire extinguishing efficiency is high, is 6-10 times the ordinary dry powder fire extinguisher. However, the price of ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishers than ordinary dry powder fire extinguishers, high, at present, the car ultra-fine dry powder automatic fire extinguishing device has been widely used in a bus fire.

3、Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

By reducing the concentration of oxygen in the air around the burning material to extinguish the fire, carbon dioxide as a fire extinguishing agent has good insulation properties, but its disadvantages are: high fire extinguishing concentration, low level of fire extinguishing, should be used in a relatively closed space, poor anti-combustion ability. Carbon dioxide is a medium toxic substance, when the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air reaches 2%, people will feel uncomfortable, when the concentration reaches 7%-9%, it will cause breathing difficulties, vomiting, numbness, confusion, and when the concentration reaches 10%, people will lose consciousness if they stay in this environment for one minute. When using carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, the local concentration will greatly exceed this concentration, because there is a certain risk, so owners are required to pay special attention.

4、Aqueous film-forming foam fire extinguisher

Its mechanism is cooling isolation, high-rise firefighting, dry powder without secondary pollution, no carbon dioxide toxicity, but one of the shortcomings of domestic aqueous film-forming foam extinguishing agent is poor stability after dilution, can not be long-term storage, for practical fire extinguishing agent, storage stability is one of its important performance indicators, in contrast, the price of aqueous film-forming foam extinguishers is also very high.

Second, how to determine whether the car fire extinguisher can be used normally?

Like most daily necessities, car fire extinguishers also have a shelf life, if the car fire extinguisher expired, will not be able to play its original function, and even bring some risk, therefore, owners need to frequently check the use of the vehicle fire extinguisher time limit.

Different types, different materials of vehicle fire extinguishers’ shelf life is different, if the fire extinguisher is not marked on the expiration date, then the pointer on the pressure gauge shall prevail. Pointer in the green area, that the fire extinguisher pressure is sufficient, when the pointer in the red area, that the fire extinguisher pressure is insufficient. At this time, do not use the fire extinguisher, because the fire extinguisher failure is also very dangerous, all fire extinguishers need to be checked once a year, there is a disposable fire extinguisher after use need to be discarded, can not be used again.