Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher inspection period is how long

Fire extinguishers are very important fire fighting tools for families, but most families do not know how to use them, so even if they have these tools, they can not understand the actual use, as well as safety precautions, are not done. Therefore need to understand the knowledge of fire extinguishers and master the main functions of these products.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are filled with carbon dioxide extinguishing agents. Carbon dioxide extinguishing agent is usually stored in liquid form in the fire extinguisher, which mainly relies on the role of asphyxiation and part of the cooling effect of fire, carbon dioxide has a high density, about 1.5 times that of air, at atmospheric pressure, liquid carbon dioxide will immediately vaporize, generally, 1Kg of liquid carbon dioxide can produce about 0.5 cubic meters of gas. Therefore, in fire extinguishing, carbon dioxide gas can be excluded from the air and surrounded by the surface of the burning object or distributed in a more confined space, reducing the oxygen concentration around the combustible material or in the protective space, resulting in asphyxiation and fire extinguishing, in addition, when carbon dioxide is ejected from the storage container, it will quickly vaporize into a gas from the liquid, thus absorbing the surrounding heat and playing a cooling role.

There are two kinds of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, portable and cart type. The specifications of portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are 2Kg, 3Kg, 5Kg, and 7Kg; the specifications of cart-type carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are 10Kg, 20Kg, 30Kg, and 50Kg.

For fire extinguishers whether at home or in public places, it is necessary to regularly check whether there is no expiration date, so as to avoid the need, that the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher inspection period is how long? Let’s learn about it.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers since the date of delivery, monthly weighing, in the case of unused, if the weight becomes lighter, there is pressure relief, must be repaired, if there is no change since the date of delivery 5 years must do a hydraulic test of the barrel, after every 2 years, carbon dioxide does not exist expired, but the purpose of the inspection is the barrel is not qualified to remove safety hazards, there are many people are according to the replacement of dry powder fire extinguishers cycle for carbon dioxide fire extinguishers to reload, in fact, is a waste.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers in the use of the weighing method of inspection, if the fire extinguisher does not meet the standards need to be filled. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher bottle use time more than 12 years need to be scrapped, can not continue to use.

In addition, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers need to use the weighing method to weigh once a month to check the results of each inspection needs to be registered, so that the relevant departments to check if the fire extinguishers do not meet the standard should be immediately repaired and processed.

The above introduction is about the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher inspection period and the main rely on what fire, before using the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, should understand the basic principles and the correct use of the method, in order to use the fire extinguisher correctly and reasonably.