Car auto fire extinguisher automatic fire suppression

Product Description

Automatic fire suppression tube extinguisher with clean agent Hfc-227ea for vehicles/cars

Product Parameters

Model Type of agent Amount of agent(g) Length of the tube(cm) Diameter of the tube(mm) Approximate maximum coverage

(cubic meter)

Working temperature


Blasting temperature






Novec 1230

500±5 200 18 0.5 From -40 to 80 110±10
XJ300H/N 750±5 300 18 0.75 From -40 to 80 110±10
XJ400H/N 1000±10 400 18 1 From -40 to 80 110±10
XJ500H/N 1250±10 500 18 1.25 From -40 to 80 110±10

New Products for cars/vehicle/data cabinets…

Tube-type automatic fire suppression system works as an individual unit. It doesn’t need any other power or manual controlling, which is 100% total automatic. For example, no matter in the vehicle engine room, in a car or other enclosure areas, when there is a fire and the temperature of which position reaches 120 degrees firstly, the tube will be ruptured into a hole to discharge the extinguishing agent to put out the fire directly. Please view our demo video and you will understand more about the product.


The Tube Type Automatic Fire Systems are used to protect the relatively enclosed space, including but not limited to 1) Engine Compartments of Boats and Yachts. 2) Engine Compartments of All On-Road Vehicles and Off-Road Vehicles: Car, Van, Bus, Mini Bus, Truck, Rally Car, Mining Machine or Construction Machine, etc. 3)Electric Panel, Switch Board, Sever Panel. Control Box, etc.