Auto fire extinguishing tube

Auto fire extinguishing tube

1) Product details:

The principle of the fire extinguishing pipe is that when the temperature of the protection area reaches a critical threshold, a “nozzle” is formed where the high temperature is generated, and the fire extinguishing agent stored in the pipe is released and sprayed directly to the fire source.


Note: This device does not need any power source and automatically extinguishes fire through high-temperature detection, so it will not cause any harm to the car.


2) Features of automatic fire extinguishing device of fire extinguishing pipe:

Strong versatility, suitable for Class A, B, C, E fire

Cost-effective, maintenance-free, long life

No need for a medicament storage tank

Can choose to set up pressure switch or another signal unit, expand the function

Release high-efficiency and clean gas without residue

There is no need to store pressure in the pipe, and the pressure will increase automatically as the temperature rises

Temperature sensing starts automatically, without manual intervention

Completely independent operation, no power supply required

Maintenance-free, no operating costs

Independent system, maintenance-free, long service life, depending on the installation environment, 5-10 years

The released agent has no harm to the parts in the electrical cabinet and the human body

Easy to install, no special training required

Pressure gauge monitors pressure changes

Can operate at low temperature, minimum -40°C

Starting temperature is about 100°C